RapidVet®-H GEL Feline blood typing test is an agglutination system based on a reaction tube containing a gel of special composition and porosity and having dispersed within it various other substances, including an antibody reactive to varying degrees with Types A, B and AB feline blood. The test is designed to be run on a centrifuge with a fixed-angle rotor.

A diluted blood sample is pipetted into the tube and the tube centrifuged for a period of time, the time and speed depending on the model centrifuge used. Three distinctive results based on degree of agglutination are obtained for Types A, B and AB blood. Results are visually identified.

RapidVet®-H GEL Feline blood typing test has an overall accuracy of 98.5%. This is higher than that reported for other commercially available methodologies available. Accuracy is critical in transfusion medicine. A laboratory or veterinary practice cannot fail to use the most accurate product available.

A certain number of feline patients exhibit auto-agglutination of varying degrees due to serum factors that cause agglutination of the patient's own red cells. If a patient exhibits auto-agglutination under test conditions, it will not be possible to definitively type this patient without separating the serum and serially washing the remaining red cells before performing the test.

Feline IC Box 

RapidVet®-H GEL Feline blood typing kit consists of individual work stations, each containing one blood prep tube (blue cap), one positive control gel tube (red cap) and one reaction gel tube (orange cap), and disposable plastic pipettes, instructions, photo interpretation guide, centrifuge guide and report cards.

For use with feline species - Uses patient whole blood. (Packed red cells diluted 1:1 with saline can also be used.)

Kits contain: Test devices in sealed pouch, pipettes, pre-filled microtubes, dropper bottle with special buffer, package insert and report cards.
Storage: Store upright. Refrigerate at 2 to 7 °C. Do not freeze.
Remove from refrigerator just prior to use.
Shelf Life: 24 months

Available As:

5 test kit

(Cat# HFGEL05)