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The most successful companies recognize customers' unmet needs and create the products and services to fulfill them. That’s precisely what DMS Laboratories did in veterinary hematology and transfusion medicine with its RapidVet® products.

Until the mid-1990s, a simple, reliable way for animal health providers to quickly perform onsite blood typing and crossmatching didn’t exist. If a dog or cat required a life-saving transfusion in an emergency, no blood typing or crossmatch was typically done. Frequently, whichever dog or cat was handy was used as a donor; and, sadly, many recipient pets died due to blood incompatibility. In non-emergent cases, treatment was delayed while blood samples were sent to an outside lab or blood bank.

A Better Solution For In-Office Blood Typing And Crossmatching

Recognizing the need for a better solution, DMS Labs mobilized a team to develop an accurate means for in-office blood typing and crossmatching. The team members had a decade of experience at the leading U.S. company in human blood typing and crossmatch, including manual and instrumented methods as well as other hemolytic tests. It was time for these methodologies – which had been used in human medicine for three decades – to be applied to veterinary medicine. So, in collaboration with a leading American university, the team created the first commercially available in-office veterinary blood typing tests.

RapidVet went on to release the first self-contained crossmatching kits for use on either canine or feline blood samples. These groundbreaking kits, based on gel tube technology, remain the only products of their kind in the industry for performing crossmatching on both dogs and cats.

Fast Fungal Detection Kits

Veterinary dermatology testing also needed rethinking, so RapidVet reinvented differential testing for dermatophytosis – positioning the company as a leader in fungal detection with a line of fast, user-friendly kits for in-office use on dogs, cats, horses, and rabbits.

Different Methodologies

What’s more, the company has developed additional point-of-care blood typing tests based on gel tube technology as well as lateral flow immunochromatographic technology – enabling veterinarians to choose tests based on the technique they prefer. Importantly, RapidVet continues to look ahead, forging innovative joint ventures to develop still more leading-edge resources that address unmet needs in veterinary medicine.

Satisfied Customers Around The World

While RapidVet products have earned a reputation for making transfusion medicine safer, easier, and more effective, today, the company is also renowned for going beyond the test to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Taking a hands-on, high-touch approach, they focus on meeting customers’ needs, not just selling them a product. And it’s enabled RapidVet to build relationships with satisfied customers in over 40 countries around the world. That’s what we call successful.

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