Blood Typing

RapidVet is the #1 provider of in-office blood typing products in North America for a reason. Our groundbreaking products employ the latest and best technology to improve the quality of transfusion medicine – and preserve and improve the quality of life for your canine and feline patients.

Crossmatch Testing

RapidVet’s reliable and fast-acting crossmatching test kits are for quickly predicting the likelihood of a transfusion reaction to a donor’s red blood cells and plasma. The test reveals incompatibilities between a donor and recipient that won’t be evident from blood typing alone.

Dermatology Testing

The sooner you can make a differential diagnosis of the animal’s dermatological case, the sooner appropriate treatment can begin. RapidVet offers fast and highly reliable in-office test kits using enhanced culture medium technology to quickly detect dermatophytosis or Malassezia overgrowth in companion animals.

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