Crossmatch Testing

Self-Contained Crossmatch Testing Kits

Crossmatch testing is vital for predicting a transfusion recipient’s response to a donor’s red blood cells and plasma. It reveals incompatibilities between a donor and recipient that won’t be evident from blood typing alone – so it should always be performed in addition to blood typing.

RapidVet’s crossmatching test kits not only meet this need with reliability and speed (visible results in as little as 10 minutes), but ours are the first and only self-contained kits that you can use on either canine or feline samples.

This interchangeability delivers significant benefits when it comes to efficiency and cost-effectiveness:

Streamline inventory management

You don’t need to stock species-specific tests since one crossmatch test kit works for dogs and cats.

Save money

Similarly, because kits can be used interchangeably, you don’t need to buy more kits for one species or the other, even if demand between feline or canine patients fluctuates.

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We Offer Two Crossmatch Kits:

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Companion Animal Major Crossmatch Kit

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Companion Animal Minor Crossmatch Kit

This test examines donor serum for the presence of antibodies to the patient’s red blood cells.

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